Making a Mark in This World, It’s Time to Make Your Home Beautiful


I believe everyone has an inherent ability to do something great in life. Each of us has within us an enthusiastic drive that we can let sit idle, or release and unleash it to its greatest potential.

My childhood was a time to discover that innate passion, which I eventually discovered to be an obsession with the intricate details in design. I would spend hours making homes out of shoe boxes. Little rooms individually connected together with tape, but designed for a king. I don't know why, but when I decided to head off to college, I became an accountant; yep...a number cruncher, a bean counter as I was often called. This was me letting my interest in design sit idle.

I chose to do accounting for construction and real estate development projects thinking that I could at least make my mark on the design world through "numbers".

Although, my accounting career served me well, several years and three kids later, I knew things had to change. It was time to unleash what I knew was my destiny.

I ventured back to school and got my Masters of Art in Interior Design from the prestigious Harrington College of Design in Chicago. And here I am today, to help make the interior of your home more beautiful than ever. I want to help you t overwhelmed by the process of designing or renovating your home. I want to help you rith your architect and builder so that your home is designed cohesively and you can layout furniture without bumping into it.

I hope as you read and follow my posts, you find joy and laughter with me and even learn a few tricks of the trade. Each piece selected for your home tells a story and has meaning. I have my story, and you have yours; and by bringing the two together, we can create a magnificent story of your home. It is these pieces, selected with love, that curate the home and make it yours. So, yes, my friends, help is on the way.

Hilary Silverman